Fulfilling the conference philosophy through conference agenda

Anyone in charge of the conference agenda is well-aware that decisions about the type of lectures, workshops and speakers at a conference ultimately determine each participant’s experience and takeaways.

When we decided to organize this conference, our main motivation was to offer a platform that would serve as a starting point for all developers interested in the blockchain, and everyone else interested in implementing blockchain technology in their businesses, regardless of their initial industry.

Workshops quality

The first day of the conference is based on workshops, while the second day is reserved for presentations. If you have already had a look at the conference tickets, you may have noticed that it is possible to buy separate tickets for workshops and presentations. Buying tickets for both days allows each participant to get a more comprehensive view of the subject, but each day is a separate block and is suited perfectly for separate enrollment in order to gain more specialized focus.

Five hands-on development workshops last for a minimum of 8 hours, and the number of seats is limited in order to provide all participants with sufficient attention and the best workshop experience. We have participated in numerous conferences where ticket sales were made a priority over the workshops quality –  and having these negative experiences, we have decided to take a different route and focus more on quality instead of quantity, therefore ensuring the best possible outputs for the participants. The aim of our workshops is to cover the most demanding parts of blockchain technology necessary for all blockchain developers before they launch their own projects within their respective communities. From crowdfunding to creating organizations on the blockchain, building decentralized exchanges, and privacy in the blockchain, a broad facet of hands-on development workshops will be delivered to participants.

Blockchain business

The second day of the conference, as previously mentioned, consists of presentations. The mentors will share their experiences, relevant case studies, as well as practical do’s and don’ts. Each participant can choose one of two tracks: Business Talk Track or Development Talk Track, or switch tracks according to their wishes.

The Development Talk Track will provide participants with a broader picture of technology – focus will be on first-hand experiences and challenges that developers face in the implementation phase of their projects. Furthermore, it will provide a showcase of interesting new technologies and innovations happening in development at the moment. As for the Business Talk Track, the reason for this addition in the program is that we often encounter developers and founders with great ideas and a lot of focus on development, but a lack of business knowledge necessary for successful project implementation. In addition to developers, this track is a great opportunity for business people interested in blockchain technology to get a new perspective on applications in their own businesses. Therefore, on the Business Talk Track, we will cover topics varying from economics, strategies, business models, marketing, to legal issues.

Moving boundaries

In conclusion, with this conference we aim to create an environment where 600 developers, founders, and other blockchain enthusiasts will get a chance to dive into the world of blockchain, and later immerse themselves into the Crypto Space – which is still an unexplored field to a majority of the new generation of developers and founders. We see it as our duty to inform them, invest in them, and empower them to take an active role in this sphere, and move the boundaries of this technology in the future.

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