New speakers – 1st update

In our previous blog post, we gave you an insight into takeaways from each track and workshop. Since then, the list of speakers has been updated. Therefore, we would now like to introduce you to some of our new speakers and give you a much clearer idea of their business and development presentations.


Paul Janowitz is a Community Lead in Monero, an open source cryptocurrency without any centralized organization behind it. They are considered pioneers of private cryptocurrencies. Besides working in Monero team, Paul founded, the largest forum in Poland dedicated to general interest topics. His presentation on Development Talk Track will be about ways to ensure privacy on an open ledger.


Ivan Voras is a Backend Development Lead at Crypto Hunt, a free location-based AR game that enables players to go on adventures to solve riddles and collect Crypto Hunt tokens. Ivan is also a board member of  UBIK, Croatian association for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Previously, he worked in Toptal as a Backend Software Engineer, and his main focus was on architecture and troubleshooting of critical production systems. Ivan will be delivering a presentation on Development Talk Track about blockchain as a database.


Simon Belak is an engineer in Metabase. Their open source analytics, and business intelligence application lets everyone in your company quickly ask questions and create dashboards or nightly emails without knowing SQL. Simon is also a founder of G-FART, an art collective that produces plays, and founder of Hekovnik business accelerator. He was an editor of art and critical theory magazine Tribuna, Chief Analytics and Revenue Officer in GoOpti International, and Lead Developer in Hruska d.o.o. His presentation on Development Talk Track will be about writing smart contracts.


Luka Klancir is a COO of Async Labs, a company which creates solutions for businesses all around the world, and offers a broad set of services within blockchain technology and cryptocurrency domain. Luka is also a founder of Croatian BitCoin Portal and board member of Croatian association for blockchain and cryptocurrencies called UBIK. He worked as a Business Development Executive at Providence Crypto Casino, Commercial Director in an agricultural startup called MyBeeLine, and delivered a large range of projects as Project Manager in Degordian digital agency. Luka will be a mentor on business workshop where he will deliver you knowledge about the implementation of blockchain technology into business.


As you can see, speaker presentations are about specific and most important blockchain topics. Thus, we carefully selected the most experienced speakers who will be able to provide you the best knowledge possible. In any case, their experience speaks for itself, and for any blockchain enthusiast, we believe this represents an amazing opportunity for gaining new knowledge and learning about possible challenges you’ll be facing.

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