Women in blockchain business and technology

It’s a common fact that there is a shortage of women in the tech industry, and blockchain industry is no exception. A recent article published by Forbes breaks down the number of women in the blockchain, stating that only 5-7% of cryptocurrency users are female, while only mere 1,76% of Bitcoin community falls into that category. Some studies even claim that women make only 4-6% of blockchain investors.

Looking at these numbers, it’s fair to conclude that this industry faces an evident gender bias problem. Diversity is not a characteristic feature of this industry, and the shortage of women is not the only problem – there is an evident shortage of representation of other minority groups, such as the people of color, varied sexual orientation, and different socioeconomic backgrounds.

We work in a highly male-dominated industry and you don’t even need these statistics to become aware of that – just take a look around at business meetings, conferences, and any other blockchain event, and you will see the under-representation is staggering. People often ask why women don’t fight harder, maybe they don’t like this kind of work, maybe it’s not a problem with the industry…? We could talk about the gender bias problem for days because so many layers are attached to it, but the key fact is: this industry does not represent the general population and this simply cannot be right.

Diversity is enriching – it makes us thrive because different people have different backgrounds and experiences, and thus they bring different inputs and ideas to the table. If you limit entry to only one group of people, you will stay inside the limitations of your box, and the much needed fresh ideas will be harder to reach without diversity.

On the lighter note, it was Eleanor Roosevelt who said: ‘Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people.’ Generally, people like to talk a lot about these kinds of problems but not move a finger to overcome them, however, this is not the case with us. So, to put our own words into action, from 8th till 11th of March 2018, we are offering a 50% discount to all women who purchase tickets for the BlockSplit Conference in Split (discount applies to all ticket types). Plus, they’ll receive a FREE ticket to pre-conference presentation ‘Intro to blockchain and cryptocurrency’. When purchasing a ticket, use code: WOMENSDAY or just click HERE.

In this way, we hope to empower and motivate women to take a step in the blockchain sphere, so that in the near future we can celebrate more of their achievements in this industry.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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