Peter Todd will talk at BlockSplit Conference

Every Bitcoin enthusiast, and in fact anyone who has ever found themselves in the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, is familiar with an illustrious Bitcoin Core developer – Peter Todd.

Peter wrote his first line of code in Bitcoin Core at a time when the Bitcoin price fluctuated around $5 in April 2012, exactly 6 years before the first BlockSplit conference would take place.

Today, Peter is one of the most influential people in the Bitcoin Core community, known as an independent consultant for applied cryptography, or what the cool kids call „blockchain tech”, and his main goal is providing education and training in order to promote and gain more understanding about blockchain technology applications. Peter is also a longterm Bitcoin Core contributor and continuous supporter of developing python-bitcoinlib and OpenTimestamps projects.

Peter Todd’s background is wide and versatile, from a Fine Arts Degree, to a stint doing analog electronics design for geophysics startups.

His impact in the field of “mainstream blockchain” is no less interesting. Very often he is one of the most openly spoken and realistic critics of Bitcoin and its shortcomings, which makes him exposed to criticism, sometimes coming from his closest associates. As an example, recently Peter shared on Twitter his personal experiences with research on the Lightning testnet. Surprisingly, Peter was discouraged with the way C-lightning operates (Lightning Network implementation was written in C, while Peter is an advocate for Rust), and tweeted: “when it’s not crashing payments fail more often than not.” Before that, he gained wide attention with a double-spend attack at Coinbase. To prove his friend that DS problem is very likely, he did a double-spend attack with a small amount of Reddit Gold and then published his findings on Reddit, which resulted in a heated debate and division within the community.

How does this playful genius see blockchain, how does he envision scaling, and where does he see Bitcoin going forward?

Find out at BlockSplit conference!

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