Women in blockchain business and technology

It’s a common fact that there is a shortage of women in the tech industry, and blockchain industry is no exception. A recent article published by Forbes breaks down the number of women in the blockchain, stating that only 5-7% of cryptocurrency users are female, while only mere 1,76% of Bitcoin community falls into that category. Some studies even claim that women make only 4-6% of blockchain investors.

Looking at these numbers, it’s fair to conclude that this industry faces an evident gender bias problem. Diversity is not a characteristic feature of this industry, and the shortage of women is not the only problem – there is an evident shortage of representation of other minority groups, such as the people of color, varied sexual orientation, and different socioeconomic backgrounds.

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Fulfilling the conference philosophy through conference agenda

Anyone in charge of the conference agenda is well-aware that decisions about the type of lectures, workshops and speakers at a conference ultimately determine each participant’s experience and takeaways.

When we decided to organize this conference, our main motivation was to offer a platform that would serve as a starting point for all developers interested in the blockchain, and everyone else interested in implementing blockchain technology in their businesses, regardless of their initial industry.

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