Who is coming to BlockSplit?

Many interesting speakers and sponsors have announced they will attend BlockSplit conference in April in Split, Croatia. Here we shortly present some of them, but have in mind this list is not exhaustive!

Bitcoin / Peter Todd – one of the most influential Bitcoin experts and top contributor to Bitcoin Core will be talking about what blockchains do. Needless to say, Bitcoin Core is the group of developers working on the Bitcoin protocol which powers Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Monero/ Paul Janowitz – community driven, privacy-focused cryptocurrency Monero is one of the top blockchain projects. Their merit increased when Wikileaks announced they will receive donations in their XMR currency.

Giveth/ Arthur Lunn – a truly community-focused project, Giveth develops numerous community and non-profit projects in Ethereum platform by managing a vast network of developers willing to contribute voluntarily.

Altcoin.io / Sulejman Sarajlija & Admir Šabanović  – there is a big number of teams racing to create a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange which would make current, centralized ones, obsolete. One of the promising projects is Altcoin.io.

Bitnation / Sonja Prstec – Bitnation wants to create post-Nation State world of Voluntary Nations, City States and Autonomous Communities which compete for Citizens by providing a range of opt-in governance services. Sonja will be sharing her knowledge of token sales legal challenges.

BitBoost / Álvaro Rodriguez & Andrew Lekar – The blockchain software company BitBoost is developing a decentralized marketplace. Alvaro is a renowned business manager and marketer with a deep understanding of business models, and Andrew is experienced blockchain engineer with experience of working on NXT project.

Bitfalls / Bruno Škvorc – Bitfalls is a blockchain & cryptocurrency portal with a lot of high-quality original content, such as tutorials and analysis, with a lot of readers from around the world. Bruno is an experienced Ethereum developer and one of the most active members of blockchain community in Croatia.

Iryo / Vasja Bočko – Slovenia is a shining star among crypto-friendly countries, with dozens of successful blockchain projects spurring out of there. One of the latest ones is Iryo, aiming to solve some of the key healthcare problems. The project is led by Vasja, an engineer and project manager with experience of working on leading European exchange – Bitstamp.

Degordian / Marko Kruljac – Degordian is one of the leading development agencies in Croatia (voted the best employer!) and they are currently developing an application for DAPowerplay who have done the first successful Croatian token sale. Marko will share his experience of testing smart contracts which is an essential part od dapp development.

All of these people and companies will be attending BlockSplit conference to share their knowledge and experience. It’s a great opportunity to learn and build your network if you are planning to get involved in blockchain technology. Also, it will be a great opportunity to create useful connections between blockchain communities in Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Poland, Serbia, Italy and other countries where our speakers, sponsors, and attendees are coming from!

In one of our next posts, you will find out who else is also coming to BlockSplit.

So, stay tuned and see you in April in Split!

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